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Help Your Child Read Better

April 13, 2018



Teaching you child to read is one of the hardest most important things you can do for your child. If you are homeschooling this can seem like quite a challenge. Teaching children to read takes several years before they are fluent at reading.

One of the challenges I faced in my own homeschooling career is teaching a dyslexic child to read. Teaching a child to read with dyslexia is a near impossible task in a public school setting. Home is the best place for a dyslexic student to not only read but excel in learning all together. By putting these 5 simple things into practice my dyslexic child had a breakthrough in reading, and is now reading on her own. I want to share them with you, in hopes that it might help your child read better.

Even if your child is not dyslexic, they can struggle at reading. That is normal and it can also be frustrating to a parent that is just not able to figure out why the child can not overcome a stand still in their reading progress.

Here are the 5 simple ways to teach your child to read better:
1)Read with your child books that interest them.

2)Read with them every day for 10-15 minutes.


(Try these reading “games”...)

3)Read the word to your child, then have them repeat the word as you use your finger to follow along in the book.

4)Start every difficult word for your child and have them finish sounding it out.

5)Play a “game” where you read one word, the child reads the next word as you follow along in the book with your finger.

These 5 things changed reading for my dyslexic child. She went from struggling with every word, every time, to being able to read whole sentences with little help. In a short amount of time she had a major breakthrough in her reading and now reads fluently with only some trouble.

I hope these tips will help you too!


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